Missionary Update: Mitsu and Karen Nakamura
Andrew Todd

This week, Mitsu and Karen Nakamura, provide an update on their ministry.

Reaching Many Through Zoom Christmas Parties!

Two friends and I (Karen) planned two online parties to reach our pre-Christian friends. On Dec. 23, over 20 people, plus many children, came. We played Nativity Bingo and made paper snowflakes. So my message was about how God created each of us unique and beautiful, like snowflakes. And that by trusting in Him, He makes our hearts clean like snow.

Many said that they and their kids had a fantastic time and want to come again! On Dec. 27, we had music by a young professional violinist, and a song by Emi. My message was from Luke 1:78-79, that at Christmas, God brought light into our dark world, through forgiveness of sins. About 25 pre-Christian friends came, and commented, “The beautiful song, violin and your message all brought healing to my heart.” “Today’s meeting really soothed my heart.”

Making Friends Through Multilingual Club

Three of the friends who came to the Zoom Christmas party were from the multilingual club. I had just participated in a 2-day online “camp” with the club (including a little music group) and hesitated to invite club friends. I was surprised when three said they would come, and commented how, after a busy camp, the Zoom Christmas party soothed their hearts!

Giving Bible Wisdom to Staff

Institute of Biblical Studies, or IBS, is our program to provide our staff with biblical and theological training. Our staff are usually on the giving side,
sharing God’s words with students day after day. So, this is one of the few opportunities for them to be on the receiving side. Mitsu taught Doctrine of God, Christ and Holy Spirit. A lot to cover in a 2-week intensive course! Taka taught 2 Peter and Jude. Our new young staff studied hard and gained a firm foundation for their faith and ministries.

Answers to Prayer!

Thank you for praying with me for my friend whose daughter was self-harming. She is getting better, and is choosing life. The family recently celebrated her turning 20 (photo). Though there are still ups and downs and still much need of prayer, my friend recently wrote: “[Daughter] is getting better. And I myself am recovering. I previously could not feel God’s love. But I have felt His love through your faithful praying and going through Recovery with me.”

Praise and Prayer Requests

Recently I was touched by a quote from James O Fraser, a missionary to the Lisu of China in early 1900’s. [I preach and teach here], “but the amount of progress made thereby depends almost entirely on the state of the Spiritual Tide in the village — a condition which you can control upon your knees as well as I.”

  • Thank Him for the many who heard the message of His love at Christmas.
  • Thank Him for His healing work in my friend and her daughter.
  • Thank Him for our staff who gained great Bible wisdom for their ministries from Mitsu’s class.
  • Pray that God Himself would open hearts to His message, to receive Him and walk with Him ~ that He Himself would turn the Spiritual Tide in Japan.
  • Pray that friend “C” would make a clear decision for Christ.
  • Pray for God’s continued work in our staff team, humility before Him, increased understanding about cross-cultural awareness.
  • That we and our children will walk closely with Him.

We are deeply grateful for you!

Mitsu, Karen, Abe, Miye, and Emi